Streamline Your Supply Chain

Increase your profits with our waste and recycling management and fleet management services

What is MYCA?

Centralized, Strategic Supply Chain Management

MYCA Material Handling provides you with the opportunity to see a dramatic change in your next P&L report. By outsourcing your supply chain management to us, including fleet management and waste & recycling management, you’ll have an experienced team assisting you with your indirect spend categories. From negotiating contracts to reducing your carbon footprint, we’re on top of all of it. Our proprietary software includes in-depth analysis that gives you total transparency in your operations. We work with you to help you pinpoint where you’re experiencing inefficiencies and accruing extra costs, so you can make the changes you need to improve performance and increase profits.

MYCA Service Benefits

Data-driven Savings

See a dramatic change in your P&L by outsourcing your supply chain management to MYCA! Our expertise includes:

  • Reducing costs and discovering opportunity in this spend category
  • Negotiating contracts and purchase agreements
  • Mapping out long term spend plans
  • Identifying Key Suppliers
  • Ensuring sustainable solutions
  • Standardizing and centralizing cost data and information

We provide a comprehensive supply chain management solution that offers you total transparency of your operations so you can reduce your costs, maximize your productivity, and increase your company’s profits!

Women-Owned Certified Enterprise

Our commitment to the women-owned business community goes beyond our membership affiliation. Our founder, Patti Massey, is an active WBENC board member and also serves as 2nd Vice Chair of the WBENC Forum.

"MYCA is a great example of a true supplier partner that listens, responds, and performs – sometimes in advance of when we have a need. The creativity and innovation in their approach helped them become valuable, and their dependable performance helped keep them here."

Sonoco Supplier Event 2019

Greg Munoz - VP Global Supply Management