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Our Mission Statement

We are streamlining the supply chain process through our cutting-edge proprietary technology and comprehensive supply chain methodology.

Our mission is to help our clients increase efficiency, discover opportunities, and reduce costs proven against the P&L. We use detailed analytics to uncover opportunities in every phase of the process, from procurement to disposition, enabling our clients to rise above their competitors.

Our Supply Chain Company

We're committed to excellence in everything we do

For most companies, the supply chain process is a tangle of suppliers, contracts, shipping, and disposition where trying to streamline practices and reduce costs seems like impossible tasks. That is where MYCA Material Handling comes in. We work with a wide variety of companies to manage their supply chain categories, including fleet management and waste & recycling management, allowing them to experience  two necessary outcomes for success:

  1. Outsourcing supply chain management allows your company to focus on growth opportunities, innovation, and development, rather than logistics.
  2. Our proprietary software highlights where to reduce costs and improve efficiency, leading to an exciting boost to the bottom line!

From handling communications and negotiating contracts with your suppliers to creating comprehensive, strategic spend management initiatives, we take the burden of supply chain operations from your company and turn it into an opportunity for your success. With our cutting edge software systems, MYCA uses the latest technology to streamline your company’s data and information so it’s accessible to you whenever you need it. Your cost data detail is standardized and transparent, so you’ll experience total clarity in this spend category, from understanding assets and costs to identifying productivity opportunities. We make it easy to track your analytics against your P&L to ensure you’re operating at the lowest possible costs for your company’s needs. We are passionate about helping companies succeed through supply chain management solutions. This includes fleet management services that negotiate the best rates and waste & recycling management services that reduce your carbon footprint.

"MYCA is a great example of a true supplier partner that listens, responds, and performs – sometimes in advance of when we have a need. The creativity and innovation in their approach helped them become valuable, and their dependable performance helped keep them here."

Sonoco Supplier Event 2019

Greg Munoz - VP Global Supply Management