Waste & Recycling Management Services Cost reducing solutions that improve sustainability

Waste & Recycling Management Software


At MYCA, we understand the complex process of waste management for businesses. In addition to lowering costs, it’s necessary to improve sustainability and reduce a business’s carbon footprint. Our services ensure that your business’s waste management operations will align with your internal sustainability goals in a way that goes beyond immediate changes, such as landfill diversion. We focus on long-range solutions to manage risk and maintain forward momentum.

Our Proprietary Waste & Recycling Management Software

To help our clients reach their goals, we use our proprietary software solution, WasteClarity™. This innovative technology was developed from the perspective of a Fortune 500 client to ensure total transparency of data and control in expense and productivity opportunities. This software integrates all aspects of waste management, including service dispatch and contract management.

Creating Long-Term Solutions

The MYCA team goes beyond the day-to-day operations of waste management and seeks to create long-term solutions that strive to reduce both cost and risk. These solutions include:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Service optimization
  • Volume tracking
  • Destination reporting
  • Landfill diversion
  • Recycling opportunities

Let us take control of your company’s environmental expense and help you focus on saving money while positively impacting the planet.